centr1Good centrifuge is key to the success of every beekeeper. Now once completed beekeeping season is a time to consider investing in upgrading the equipment and improving and facilitating the extraction process.

What is the most appropriate centrifuge and how to choose a question with many answers.

First we need to decide how much to be tsentorfugata – there are different sizes tsentofugi that may centrifuged from 2 to 60 frames. The most applicable is 24 Framework centrifuge. It may, for 6 to 10 minutes to complete a tin can.
Depending on the location of the frames are centrifuges – hordialni radial and cluster.
In hordialnite frames are equipped with wide side out:

This allows maximum use of centrifugal force during rotation. This type centrifuges are used in many small apiaries. Framework should address.
In the radial frames are arranged as follows:

They do not need to turn the framework because honey drains on both sides simultaneously. This is the preferred choice of most beekeepers, since this type of centrifuge is suitable for both small and large apiaries.
The third option is cluster centrifuges.

centr21They will again need to turn the cakes by hand. When changing the direction of rotation, turn and ink cakes and so centrifugal on both sides.
Another criteria is that spin will be manual or motorized. Of course, hand centrifuges would come out cheaper in the long run they are not suitable for professional beekeeping.
It must be able to regulate speed automatic centrifuge.

It is good for stands within are located symmetrically within and are covered on all sides to not move during operation.
The diameter is larger, more “relaxed” is spinning at work.
Well it is also easy to clean and disassemble.